MOHS Data Project
      Telling Our Story

This project’s goal is to create a grant data capturing system that will tell the grant stakeholders the positive impact the Missippi Office of Homeland Security has on the state of Mississippi through timely and accurate data collection.

In today’s data driven world it is not import what you did, but it is import what you documented you did.  

GTS Working Issues

File verion Final2.1

Completion Date – 12/21/2020

During the kick-off meeting, a concern was that the document has historically not been able to be shared and would not allow multiple users.

Step 1 – Create a test document. – Done

Step 2 – Place document on MOHS shared drive – Done.

Step 3 – Schedule date/time to have all office personnel test document – Done

Step 4 – analyze test results adjust and make changes – Done

Step 5- close issue – Done

Completion Date – N/A

During the kick-off meeting, it was brought up FEMA wants a simple summary and would not accept this document.

Step 1 – Have Marsh email a template – Done.

Step 2 -Create a FEMA Summary Tab – Done.

Step 3 – Add additional fields in all tabs – Done

Step 4 – Build a workable map of necessary fields for macro – Done

Step 5- Write macro and test – Done.

Step 6- Have Lora and Marsha approve – TBA.

Step 7- Close issue – TBA

Completion Date – 

Note:  Kayla will be completeing. Build a workflow algorithm to keep duplication of work from happening and streamline the grant documentation process.

Step 1 – Map out workflow – Done.

Step 2 -Build flowchart – Done

Step 3 – Have Lora, Marsha, Rachel, and Greg approve – Done 

Step 4 – Publish document – Done

Step 5- Close issue- TBA

Completion Date – 12/22/20

Change column colors on the Grant Awards Tab to make data entry easier.

Step 1 – Make the locked columns and the unlocked columns a different color. – Done

Step 2- Close issue- Done

Completion Date – N/A

Final Testing of Document

Step 1 – Have all personnel test the final document – TBA

Step 2 -Make changes and retest- TBA.

Step 3 -Publish the final document by placing it on the shared drive – TBA.

Step 4 – Close project – TBA.

Completion Date – 12/22/20

Index formula is not working correctly on Q Alert and individual agency tabs.

Step One – fix cell date formating on the Grant Awards tab from *##/##/#### to ##/##?#### – Done

Step Two – Test – Done

Step 4 – Close project – Done

Completion date – 12/24/2020

Add changes to GTS after testing.

Step 1 -Change DUNS Exp date to SAMS on Agency data and have it pull to agency tabs. – Done

Step 2 – Have DUNS turn Color on Agency Data Tab when expired. – Done

Step 3 – Freeze the first few columns on the Grant Award Tab. – Done

Step 4 – Alternate row colors on the Grant Award Tab. – (WIll not be done) – Done

Step 5 – Need to add a way to show a voided grant. – Done

Completion date – 12/30/2020

Updates needed after review on 12/29/20

Step 1 – Need to add town option to Column – Done

Step 2 – Need to check grant file share permissions on shared drive – Done

Sumbit a New Issue

Document Sharing Video

Learn the webpage

This video will cover how to navigate this webpage as we work on this project.

Document sharing issues

This video will cover the “What-to-Knows” for the document sharing test.

Video Update Version 2.1

Changes after testing

This video will cover the changes made after testing.


This video will cover the “FEMA Tab” macro and functions.

Note: You must have the documetn open in Desktop App to run FEMA Macro


Data Entry Workflow

This video will cover the data Entery Workflow


This video will cover what tabs need to be monitored for grant status.

Inventory Database Issues

Completion date – 12/30/2020

Need to get data out of EEMS FMS and build new DB in Excel

Step 1 – DPS IT dept to install Net Motion – Done

Step 2- Get Access to Remote Desktop – Done

Step 3 – Pull data into Excel. – Done

Step 4 – Build DB – Done

Step 5 – DPS IT to fix Remote Connection – Done

Completion date – N/A

Build New Inventory DP in excel

Step 1 – Build New Inv. Control Form – Done

Step 2 – Get approval and publish – Done

Step 3 – Build a New Excel DB. – Done

Step 4 – Build Mapping – TBA

Step 5- Build a Workflow for monitoring. – TBA

Step 6 – Build Monitoring form. – TBA

Project Status

File Sharing Results